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A few years ago, I was 19, in school, and a loser. I did not call myself a loser to be self-deprecating. I called myself a loser because I thought I was Tom Cruise. I thought I had the world at my beck and call. I thought the world was my footstool, and I could call on kings and potentates to wash my feet upon request. The irony was, I couldn’t call anyone — even my friends.

Who wouldn’t be sick of a guy who thought so lowly of others? Was this confidence?

At least I thought it was.


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It was 11:00 am. It was just about time for my dad to begin his morning routine. A routine that typically comprised of brushing his teeth vigorously, shaving his nappy beard, and taking a warm shower. Getting ready lasted 30 minutes at the very most.

Every day was predictable, just like the rising sun and singing birds, my dad’s routine would never miss its timing except for one day.

While standing in the mirror preparing his face with shaving cream, he turned on his stainless-steel lithium pro clippers and proceeding to a downward stroke on his cheek.

Suddenly he noticed…

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Do you enjoy feeling left out in a conversation? Or worse, do you enjoy not feeling heard in a conversation?

Wouldn’t you prefer dialogue rather than monologue? I know I would. Just like you, I have been the unlucky victim of one-sided conversations, and for the sake of honesty, I have also been a perpetrator.

However, my career as a salesperson has forced me to be mindful of the person on the other side of the conversation. Many people don’t have to think about this, but everyone should be thinking about this.

I will be talking about some simple things…

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I had an appointment booked for noon on a Wednesday and I decided to use an Uber since the doctor had told me on the phone that I would only be picking up prior test results.

I got dressed and chartered a round trip carpool to take me to the clinic and back.

The driver who came to pick me up was a dark-skinned African man. His countenance was cheerful and witty. I instantly knew that he was chatty when he asked me to adjust my seat to my preferred position four times, only 3 minutes into our trip.


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Being in a relationship can offer a euphoric or somber experience. You have to be ready for it! Not being ready could be the difference between a happy, long lasting relationship, or the doom and gloom of a failed relationship.

In my little experience with relationships, I realized that I was not ready for one and that was what sparked the search for this information.

Here are some simple signs that you are ready for a life partner:

1. You complete yourself: I had to start with self-love — I just had to! You know you’re ready for a relationship…

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Our childhood experiences make up the foundation of who we are, our attitudes, and our beliefs. One of the most profound ways our childhood can impact our lives is through our love styles. A person’s love style is defined as a specific pattern of behavior related to how they receive and express love and it is largely modeled after a relationship with our parents. According to researchers, there are five different love styles: the controller, the pleaser, the facilitator, the avoided, and the victim. So, here are six ways our parents affect our love styles.

1) The attention they give us.

It’s no secret that having…

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A few months before writing this, I was diagnosed with acute obstructive sleep apnea.

My quality of life was declining with every passing day, and I didn’t know why. However, I remember being plagued with a strange forgetfulness that almost cost me my job, along with other odd events that raised all kinds of red flags.

I would walk into the kitchen and forget why I was there. I began to trip over my words and lose my sense of control over my thoughts. Sometimes, I felt severe heart palpations accompanied by nausea and weakness.

My best guess was stress…

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Talking to my mom about relationships and romance is not something I frequently indulge myself. I didn’t really talk to my mom about anything relevant to me until I turned 20.

Given that her relationship with my father isn’t one to model, asking her for relationship advice was unthinkable. Little did I know that she has some gems to drop.

I want to give you some context. My parents share a very traditional family setting. My father works and sends money home, and my mom manages the home. She had to forfeit her career to take care of her kids…

Godwin Etim

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